The Administration Solution

Human resources, payroll and coordinating required trainings are anything but simple for a company’s management team. The Dark Solutions administrative services options are designed to be an affordable solution providing professional resources, technology and expertise to manage the non-revenue generating responsibilities of your business. We consolidate many vendors into one so you focus on your core business and leave the time-consuming employee administration chore to us. These solutions are excellent choices for organizations of all sizes. Contact us today for a consultation. We can facilitate and assist with the following services: 


Payroll (starts at $125/hour* plus initial setup and per employee monthly fee**) 

·      Compute Pay

·      Payroll Checks/Direct Deposit 

·      Compute Taxes and Remit Payments

·      Garnishments

·      W-2’s Printing & Distribution 

·      Benefits Accrual Management 

·      Onboarding 

·      I-9 & W-4

·      Wage & Hour Compliance Review

·      Job Descriptions 

·      Unemployment Claims 

·      Hiring & Firing Assistance

·      Employee Handbook (starts at $500)

Employee Trainings ($40/person)

·      Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

·      CPR Courses through the Arcata Fire Department


Safety by George (starts at $100/hour*)

·      IIPP 

·      Audits and Inspections

·      Employee & Employer Training 

·      Cost Containment 

·      Compliance 

·      Safety Manual Review 

·      Facilitate or Conduct Trainings

·      Hazardous Chemical Mgmnt.

·      Respirator Fit Testing

·      Emergency Action Plan 

·      Pesticide Training 

·      Fist Aid & CPR

·      Bloodborne Pathogens and Needlestick Prevention

·      Safety and Health Management Program Manuals ($700)

Outsourced Bookkeeping & Business Services (Starting at $50.00/ Hour*) 

  • Bookkeeping

  • QuickBooks Administration, Training, Setup & Cleanup

  • Company Audits

  • SOP Overview & Creation

  • Cash Management Solutions

  • Business Consulting


*1 hour minimum 

**one-time setup fee of $50/employee or $200 minimum and $12/employee/month 



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