Here's what some people have to say about their experience while working with us:

“These women are awesome and paving the way for the cannabis industry. They're prompt; you get paid weekly. Everyone I've met so far on the jobs I've picked up are amazing people. It doesn't even feel like work; it just feels like I'm at some kind of summer camp. The option to choose what you want to do in Humboldt is really freeing and being outdoors feels fantastic. I cannot recommend them enough. I'm glad my aunt showed them to me when I first moved here.” 

Izzy (2020)

“Dark staffing solutions has been the friendliest and most effective place to help me find the best job to suit my passions! I moved back to Eureka from Arizona and they made my dream job come true, and incredibly fast too! I would absolutely recommend them to anybody who needs help finding the right job that suits them in the cannabis industry! Thank Dark Staffing Solutions, very thankful for you guys!” 

Aries (2019)

I've been working with this company for 3 seasons, they have always been professional, attentive and work hard to fullfil the worker's and client's necessities. Thanks to them I have acquired more experience in the field as they have provided me work with varied duties in different environments within the cannabis industry.

David (2021)

Working with Dark Staffing Solutions has been an excellent experience. Offering positions from temporary to full-time work in a wide-range of disciplines with a broad spectrum of experience necessary for employment, they offer a streamlined hiring process amongst a network of employers that are world class at what they do. I highly recommend giving Dark Staffing Solutions a call if you are interested in pursuing any specific employment opportunities. Great staff, very easy to work with, and they are hiring now!

Evan (2020)

“2020 has been an odd year, the decision to close my business was tough. It was after that decision I met the wonderful women of Dark Staffing. Since that day I have had only positive and productive interactions. Absolutely recommend it to any hard-working individuals.” 

Tyler (2020)

Working with Dark Staffing has been a very enjoyable experience all around. I have had amazing work experiences with very awesome people, had the opportunity to work on beautiful farms nestled among some of the most scenic places in Humboldt! I am grateful for how awesome I have nothing but love for Team Dark!

Josh (2021)

Thank you Dark Staffing for being so prompt and proffesional!
The Application and hiring process was painless and very simple to complete, The Dark Team wasted no time finding work for me literally the very next day after orientation!
A great service to the community for individuals that have difficulty finding work on their own

Phillip (2021)

I love the wonderful ladies running Dark, they are so helpful and communicative, good vibes since day 1! I've met some great people through one of the gigs I was working and I am grateful for the connections and experiences I've gained since working at Dark.

Kayla (2021)

“When I was in need of work, Dark Staffing and the awesome ladies that work there were able to help me out, and get me a short term gig with a company I one day want to work for, but for now am more than happy and thankful to continue working different jobs through this amazing company. Jaymi Dark will talk to you and answer all your questions regarding what you want to do, and if you prove to be a good worker, they will keep you working. Its refreshing to work for a place that truly values you as an individual and you can go into the office without feeling like a burden. This business will listen to your goals and what you want to do, and set you up for success. I am thankful to be a part of their team!” 

Andrew (2019)

Dark Staffing Solutions! Literally heroes! Staff is always nice and genuinely care for their employees. I first met Jaymi Dark at Start Up week and told her I have been meaning to contact Dark Staffing. Once school was out of session I was on the Dark Team. Through Dark I have met some of the best farmers and coworkers. Glad to be part of the Dark Team! Thank you!!!!

Brian (2021)

Megan is so professional and helpful. She has always been accommodating with scheduling. Thank you Dark:)

Julie (2020)

Thank you Dark Staffing for being so prompt and proffesional!
This place is amazing it help you find the flied that you like to work in they are very flexible they give good tips thing you should bring so you can have success at the jobs from my experience with them they been on top of Their jobs to get you an job and that an go for me thank you team dark staffingA great service to the community for individuals that have difficulty finding work on their own

Russell (2021)

Dark staffing solutions is a amazing company that I’m grateful to be a part of! They’re office is professional, beautiful and relaxing. You are always greeted with a smile and so much kindness! So glad to be apart of their team!! 😍

Josie (2021)

I started working for Dark in the middle of Covid (July last year) and have been busy ever since; the range of options available for locations and types of work has been fantastic! If you need work close to town or would rather get away and work in some of the most beautiful parts of country part time or full the options are there. The office is immensely helpful and responsive with new jobs and information. In addition Dark has extensive contacts in the various fields springing up in the industry that has given me a chance to learn more in the past year while being paid than I could have hoped. Just my experience but if you want to work in Cannabis work with Dark!

Josh (2021)

Thank you Dark Staffing for being so prompt and proffesional!Nothing but positive things to say about this company!!. Feel blessed and fortunate to have stumbled across this team of exceptional people. Interviewed with Jaymi found me work within several days, that has been non stop tiered pay. (With no experience) So the incentive to work hard came handy during payday. Was able to provide a location for me to work close to home! The team that trained me took the time to show me the tricks of the trade, so I was able to become top 5 within a week of working there. The people at the facility are amazing, made so many friends in an unfamiliar place in no time. Megan went above and beyond to help me with some personal issues. Hope to continue on a positive path with this great company..

Brandon (2019)

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