5 Star Reviews


“These women are awesome and paving the way for the cannabis industry. They're prompt; you get paid weekly. Everyone I've met so far on the jobs I've picked up are amazing people. It doesn't even feel like work; it just feels like I'm at some kind of summer camp. The option to choose what you want to do in Humboldt is really freeing and being outdoors feels fantastic. I cannot recommend them enough. I'm glad my aunt showed them to me when I first moved here.” 

Izzy (August 2020)




“2020 has been an odd year, the decision to close my business was tough. It was after that decision I met the wonderful women of Dark Staffing. Since that day I have had only positive and productive interactions. Absolutely recommend it to any hard-working individuals.” 

Tyler (August 2020)




“My experience with Dark Staffing Solutions has been nothing short of amazing. I have worked for them for the past two Summer Seasons and both times have been a completely enriching experience. The reason I write this recommendation today is that through Dark Staffing I have found permanent employment with a highly desired Company to work at and as a result want to share my good fortune and encourage you to go for it too! Anyhow, both this year and last year they had work available for me right away. Success with the Dark Staffing Solutions is solely Based on you as an individual however you can be sure that you will get exposure to work for High Quality Companies that offer what you very well may be seeking just as I was. Another wonderful aspect is a flexible schedule, they are great if you happen to already have a set schedule and are happy to work around your personal circumstances. They are there for you when you are ready to work. As a matter of fact, the staff at Dark Staffing Solutions are exceptionally skilled at what they do and are positive and fun people to work for. I have also made a lot of new friends outside of the workplace from working with other like-minded and upbeat people.  From my perspective, the sites are always fun. You just can’t go wrong with a team this strong! Thank You Dark Staffing Solutions ” 

Andy (November 2019)




“When I was in need of work, Dark Staffing and the awesome ladies that work there were able to help me out, and get me a short term gig with a company I one day want to work for, but for now am more than happy and thankful to continue working different jobs through this amazing company. Jaymi Dark will talk to you and answer all your questions regarding what you want to do, and if you prove to be a good worker, they will keep you working. Its refreshing to work for a place that truly values you as an individual and you can go into the office without feeling like a burden. This business will listen to your goals and what you want to do, and set you up for success. I am thankful to be a part of their team!” 

Andrew (June 2019)




“I have decided to change my review recently. When I first went to dark staffing solutions was when legalization in California just began. At this time Mrs. Dark's office was located in McKinleyville and only her in the office. I was in between jobs and extremely excited to get into the Marijuana industry. Since it was the first-year positions were slim at the time. So I got a little frustrated when I couldn't get anything immediately without considering 100s of people applying with years of experience."

Spencer (2019)


"I recently have decided to try it out again. I currently have a job but still always dream of starting in the marijuana industry. Mrs. Dark has moved to a much nicer office and has multiple employees now to help in the job search. So apparently whatever she is doing is working. I let her know I can be patient in finding something right for me. She has been very quick to reply to emails and more than helpful. Overall I highly recommend this company. Keep up the amazing work dark staffing solutions. I hope to start my dream job through guys in the near future.” 

Spencer (2019)




“Dark Staffing Solutions absolutely rocks! Jaymi, Megan, and Leni offer the most professional services I have yet to be involved with. The moment I walked into their office seeking employment I was immediately impressed on how on point they were. I was greeted with enthusiasm, dignity, and respect. The hiring process was prompt and within a week I was turning in a time card, receiving a paycheck within just a couple of weeks. If you are ready to work they have it and have always treated me the way I would like to be treated. It's a privilege working for such a class outfit. I can't recommend them more highly, two thumbs up!” 

Andy (2019)




“These ladies are your matchmakers for your ideal work environment. They know their clients well. They build full portfolios on both job seekers and farms/operations in order to find that perfect fit you were looking for. For me, they nailed it on the first try and I was looking for some pretty specific details.


Beyond this, they provide sexual harassment and anti-discrimination training for both operations and employees. A woman looked me in the eyes and said if you feel uncomfortable for any reason at any time, you tell us and it will be taken seriously.  We all hear horror stories growing up here about what happens when you go to a grow you don't know, they are LEGALLY making the industry a safer more accessible place and are ahead of the curve in normalizing best practices in all aspects.


Thank you for making finding my dream farm possible, I'm super excited for an awesome season.”

Rachel  (2019)




“Dark staffing solutions has been the friendliest and most effective place to help me find the best job to suit my passions! I moved back to Eureka from Arizona and they made my dream job come true, and incredibly fast too! I would absolutely recommend them to anybody who needs help finding the right job that suits them in the cannabis industry! Thank Dark Staffing Solutions, very thankful for you guys!” 

Aries (2019)