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Let us help you get to work today! We are looking for candidates with all types of skills. Whether you have experience in the garden, warehouse, accounting, medical field, human resources, or administration, we can help! Looking for temporary work? Looking for long-term work? Our clients want to meet you. The best part is that this is a FREE service for job seekers. From the moment you apply to the time you are hired, you won't owe us a penny. 

Join our team. We have positions in the garden, warehouse, office, medical, dispensaries, and beyond! If you're passionate about people, plants, and the planet please apply today!


Cultivating & Agriculture

  • Director of Cultivation

  • Cultivation Assistant

  • Farmhand

  • Director of Operations

  • Nursery Assistant

  • Nursery Manager

  • Consultant

  • METRC | Compliance

At Work on the Farm

Extraction | Lab Settings 

  • Extraction Assistant

  • Blend technician

  • Lab liaison

  • Lab Analyst

  • Lab Tech

  • Rosin Tech

  • Data Entry

  • Lab Coordinator

  • Concentrates Processor

Scientist on Computer
Olive Oil Bottles

Manufacturing & Distribution

  • Production Assistant

  • Processing Assistant

  • Weigh Master

  • Processing Manager

  • Facilities Manager

  • Quality Assurance

  • Farmer Relations

  • Drivers

  • Inventory Control

  • METRC | Compliance

Package Delivery

Retail | Sales

  • Dispensary Staff

  • Dispensary Manager

  • Budtender

  • Sales Associate

  • Marketing Manager

  • Opening & Closing Shift Leads

  • METRC | Inventory

  • General Manager

  • Delivery

Pharmacist Assisting Customer
  • Receptionist

  • Office Manager

  • Executive Assistant

  • Payroll Specialist

  • Bookkeeping

  • Accounting Assistant

  • Controller

  • Human Resource

  • Project Manager

  • General Manager

  • Director of Operations

Colleagues Working Together

Administration | Professional 

Working Together

Other Types of Work

  • Security

  • Confectionist

  • Chef | Line Cooks

  • Chocolatiers 

  • Medical Staff

  • HVAC Technicians

  • Forklift Drivers

  • Long Haul Drivers

  • Maintenance

  • Job Coach

Filling Out a Medical Form

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