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If you are in need of an employee or a payroll solution, you can count on Dark Solutions to get the job done. We are not exclusive to farming or cannabis! In fact, we specialize in assisting with other sectors such as distributions, manufacturing, processing, dispensaries, soil & nutrient companies, insurance offices, and much more. If you are in need of any additional staff, you can rely on us to provide vetted employees that will get the job done!

Our services include:

  • Temporary & long-term staffing

  • Direct hires

  • Farm labor contracting

  • Customized payroll solutions

  • HR support

Our creative workforce solutions allow businesses to scale up and down their labor needs without the extra hassle and liability of adding employees to payroll. We also offer payroll solutions if you already have employees, but are in need of a way to pay them. When you work with Dark solutions, you work with trusted professionals that are dedicated to finding you the right person to get the job done.

Dark gets it done.

- Eric, client since 2018


Thanks so much for all your help. You guys have a great business. Everyone we dealt with was on the ball, knowledgeable, and professional. It was a nice change from the usual incompetence out here.
-Maria, client since 2020

My Cannabis Farm is small with few employees. All non-plant work is my domain. I am overwhelmed. When I learned of the scope and strategic synergies provided by DARK STAFFING SOLUTIONS, I called immediately. Right away my payroll and workman's compensation tasks were covered. When I needed to replace a member of my small team, two days later I had new boots on the ground.

The leadership at Dark Staffing is savvy, with a smart business plan. Visit the office and you can see the attention to detail and the disciplined organization. To see this indicates that the efficiencies of the office radiate to the field or factory. Turbo-charge your business plan with the strategic efficiencies of DARK STAFFING SOLUTIONS.

- Stuart, cleint since 2019


We are your streamlined workforce solution. Utilizing our experience and work ethic, we are able to help job seekers and employers come together with a streamlined hiring process. Our team strives to provide reliable, trustworthy personnel to succeed and exceed the client's expectations on the job. We put each employee through our vetting process before sending them out and aim to match your needs with the best fitting candidate for the job you are looking to fill.


Dark Solutions makes staffing for your business easy. Whether you have a long-term position to fill or need to ramp up for a project, you can count on Dark! We are constantly interviewing and vetting potential employees for various positions to prepare for your call. Dark Solutions can assist with nearly all of your hiring needs; from in the field, to on the production line, out on the road, behind the front counter, and everything in between. We take the headache out of trying to meet the on-demand needs by providing you with candidates that can get the job done. Dark Solutions provides our clients more time to spend running the business and less time dealing with the agonizing headaches of on-demand human resources!

Dark Solutions is your workforce solution for just about any position. We can provide you with the workers you need, when you need them! Whether you have a long-term position you are looking to fill or you are looking to ramp up to later scale down, you can count on Dark!

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